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. residents are startled out of bed, 10 people had to be evacuated because of a car accident that busted a gas meter. angry residents take to the streets after a deadly shooting in vallejo. we will return to the area for your labor day holiday where it will get the warmest, that's all ahead on the bay areas news. complete average some of starts right now. well good morning to you it is september 3rd, i am dave clark. >> good morning, we are
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laboring, rosemary orozco is here. >> it is a labor of love pam. >> i know. we don't like it hot, it will be a bit uncomfortable. low-to-mid 90s and waking up with clear sky and sunny warm weather is in store for the second half and i am going to show you all of this coming it up in just about 10 minutes. >> we have a lot of fog, here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco this morning and up next we have a look at the san mateo brim and traffic is -- bridge and traffic is flowing nicely as you make your
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way towards hayward or or the other side. >> we are following breaking news, pam? and good morning jeanine, she has more on the injuries. >> reporter: crime tape is here because a man was found stabbed inside this home you are looking at. right now officers are inside and we don't know if there are any residents left but they are looking for a weapon it. in the last 20 minutes, it all took place around 330 and they end inside the home and officers said he was unable to speak when they arrived. his condition is unknown at this time but they are proud in
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a meadow park to help him speak spanish the at this mike like they are being tight-lipped as to what wassed inside this home. they don't know if it was a domestic dispute, reporting live, ktvu channel 2 morning news. attacks is i cab, the driver could face charges, right allie? >> reporter: yes, that is because police believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. it into the sides and there is a -- an area where the park was
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parked on that carpaller. and it was 3:00 a.m. when they busted that and when firefighters arrived water was parking out of the street they arrested several people as a precaution until they could shut off the gas here. in fact firefighters had to lift up the cab until they can reach the shutoff valve. as soon as he shut it, he ran out tied side to help. >> i ran outside, there was a lot of smoke, and then the gentleman was trying to get out, trying to escape... >> he was on food.
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>> reporter: and that cab driver appeared to be so drunk and because of that they called in an ambulance drivers to check him out. and once he is checked out and metally treated the be released. >> two are on paid administrative leave and some community members are now demanding a... >> this police department has to be held accountable. >> this police will be accountability. >> police fired 30 times hitting both men. joseph johnson was shot five times, he is fighting for his life this morning.
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23-year-old mario romero was hid. >> this the to the him, they executed him. >> he was on parole for a weapons violates and this is vallejo's seventh shooting and he will frank us a hive report coming up, and they are looking for a man who fired shots at a man in a wheelchair right from front of cand the opinion that the wheelchair chair rolled out and was not shot. shooters described only as an african-american man he cass driving a white chevy suburban with large chrome rims. new this morning, a suicide
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bomber rammed a car packed with explosives into pakistan. two americans are among 19 people wounded in that attack. a spokesperson said two pakistanis were in that attack and it happened in the tribal region which is the main sanction for al qaeda in the country. well, it is the democrat's time in the spotlight, with the wrong question, as they officially reunite observe for another round of it. republican rival mitt romney toured the same area friday. parts of louisiana are still
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flooded. thousands have been forced out of their homes. march than 200 homes have more in miss my. >> we are here to be part of a team in louisiana and make sure that hurricane isaac is put to rest as soon as we can for all of those affected. room at least mississippi rides on that store. here is more changes we should know about. immune any is operate -- muni is operating on sunday's schedule, unite have the day off and traffic is moving into town, on the right-hand side
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you can see the bay bridge toll plaza. it is moving nicely along the san mateo bridge until 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and in milpitas, 237 is looking great as you drive westbound and those are the taillights that you see. 5:08 let's check in with rosemary, how is it going so if this is your stretch. right around the golden gate bridge we are seeing it, it is awfully thick, visibility is down a quarter of a and it we do take it easy and the ridge of humidity continuing to
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pressure over our area and it is clear for most of us at this and some of us had get low to mid-90s. 57 livermore and this is where we are seeing the chilliest weather, upper 40s to low 50s on the north bay. notice a hot of yellow and for the afternoon, turning into orange with a few pockets of red which means we are not going to be too hot but we will be above average this time of year. we went to about axe for the late of a noon. -- late afternoon. low 60s for the coast and day pie day, you can see we
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gradually get back to the mid- 80s which will be a little below average this time of year. i will give you your afternoon highs coming up. the. well he wanted to joint, and they are looking into hazing. and we now know what happened in front of spectators with the crash in iowa. what does fall smell like? head north, to someplace pristine like acadia national park. there is nothing like the parks this time of year.
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the falling leaves, the crisp air, the perfect inspiration for air wick's fall collection. yeah, when i smell all those things, i know fall is in the air. the fall collection brought to you by air wick and the national park foundation. something in the air wick.
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. to the pilots who died... >> he would have done the same thing for us. >> this was an l-39 jet that crashed and an experienced pilot was flying that plane. in other news, they are identifying a man who was killed in oakland hospital over the weekend. lorenzo ward was approached by somebody on 53rd and dr. martin luther king, jr., it happened late saturday night. the killing was oakland's 8 first homicide of the year democrats are gathering this week for their national convention, sandra is in charlotte with the big question
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as they push for president barack obama's reelection, good morning san from. didn't democrats are warming up darks and several performers will be warming up and then party democrats will be getting down to business. democrats are gearing up for their convention. it officially starts tuesday but the president spent the weekend previewing his message. >> on thursday night i believe i will offer you a better path forward, a path that will create more jobs and strengthen the middle class and you get the choose. >> reporter: mitt romney wants
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them to officially not name this -- nominate him for president. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> and it is better than it was when president barack obama was elected. >> without a change in leadership why would the last four years be different than any other years. >> a foreign policy with he cancos of the cold war and policies that brought us the great recession. >> now the president will be continuing his road to charlotte, and today he will be in ohio and he will tour the devastation left by hurricane isaac, pam, back to you. and paul ryan is campaigning just 230 miles from where the democrats are campaigning. mitt romney is at home in new
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hampshire and he is practicing for the three debates that are coming up in the weeks ahead. a fraternity has now been suspended after the pledge of a freshman. a university spokesperson said that he started pleasanting last week, they believe hazing or that will be responsible for his death. they are suspending any information until the investigation is complete. >> officers can perform traffic stops and now currently a third of officers are trained for
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bike pat crows. there will be more pies kill than anywhere else. on city streets. they will leave at 8:00 this morning and the race was oafishly known as the grand pre. >> well, let's check in. >> reporter: folks can expect some delays and close use through this afternoon, so be aware of it. let's look at bay point towards concord, the bottom portion of your screen is flowing nicely and not too many and you can see traffic is flowing nicely into san francisco this
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morning. we've got another beautiful day across the bay and that in just a moment, that on shore breeze is with us being and you can see how we can it is, reporting calm kens on the north -- conditions on the north bay as well as the south bay. 48 degrees and at this hour 49 in napa and we are not seeing any fog in and around the north bay locations. around the bay area 57 right along where the peninsular stretches. that patchy dense fog it is
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only about 100 feet deep and it is closer and visibility is down a quarter mile and it is tough to see out there for the next few hours. 88 degrees expected for this afternoon and 88 santa rosa, 94 in livermore, you like the 70s head to the bayside. if you are going to watch 84 for sunny veil and 71 in the city low-to-mid 50s along the bay. there is your extented forecast. tips to yours will hit below wednesday thursday and friday. and they increased on
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mitchell. -- optimism. china and south korea showed gains, they busted the trend losing two thirds of a%. here is how they closed on friday they will open up hanging onto the 1400 level there. hyundai reports total sales fell in august and it declined in more than three years. the company was hurt because of partial strikes at its factory in south korea and walk outs kept an additionnal 77,000 cars. what happens to russell
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crow and why he is saying thank you to the coast guard.
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. they are investigating several vandalism attacks, windows were smashed on the community bank on broadway and 17th street and also windows were smashed on lake side and a
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police car's tires were slashinged and homo phobic comments were posted on a website. and they gathered this -- for this year's pride fest. you can see the weather was nice and the theme, it was a celebration. they were celebrating everything all the way to the president's stance. if oakland pride can generate enough money they hope to add a parade next year. a 28-year-old woman was treated for minor injuries after being rescued. they responded to a medical emergency on one of the trails. a woman was found on a rock,
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she was monitored by a park raping engineer. she was -- park rangers. she was airlifted to the hospital. russell crow was kaiaking with a friend saturday in the long island sound when he lost his bearings. coast guard responded and they escorted the to savely back to shore. russell crow is in long island and sent out a message on twitter saying thank you to the coast guard. let's check in with tara this morning. it is quiet. >> a lot of folks will be going south through 237 so be aware of that, take a look at 280 at
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the interchange and case in point not too many folks out there, also sunole grade, and fremont southbound and northbound. and we have got temperatures holding in the 50s and a bit of dense patchy fog on coast and they have issued an advisory from the golden gate bridge south to monterey. meanwhile we will be warming it up a few degrees over yesterday, low-to-mid 90s, dave? we have more on what two students have been diagnosed of and what they could show. what police say one of those men were holding that prompted officers to shoot. and a stabbing in east palo
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alto, the new details we just found out about the victim.
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. good morning, it is monday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, rosemary orozco is in for steve, what is the weather like? >> it is going to be a little
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bit above the seasonal average and some of the us will be sweating it out inland areas where temperatures will get to 90s in some spots. and especially in the north bay locations patchy fog, mostly clear elsewhere, a cooling trend will begin and i have got your numbers coming >> drive ca here is a look at on 880 and traffic is moving nicely into san francisco. 5:31 let's head back to the desk. we are following breaking news of a stabbing that happened in east palo alto. forensic investigators just arrived, jeanine? >> reporter: that's right. in the last 20 minutes they
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pulled up inside the home looking for evidence. what we do know, police were called to this home on new bridge street and we are told he was stabbed multiple times. we were told he is stable about what happened inside the house they took all of them to the car and they drove back for questioning. they are also taking pictures of the vehicles parked outside the house and it is unclear how those vehicles were involved. back out here live you can see the police car has it blocked off as not to disrupt this
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investigation and we hope to have it all for you. they are investigating their 5th deadly shooting since may. all level safe -- alex savage has more. >> reporter: some are questioning the actions of the police but police say the man who was killed was holding what appeared to be a real handgun turned out to be appellate gun. shot to death, he was wounded by gunfire and relatives of the young man who died, they gathered at a vigil to remember him at a shooting scene. they do not believe the shooting was justified, they pull up to -- pulled up to question the men. they shined a spot line, they
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grabbed what they thought was a gun and turned towards the officers and that's when officers fired into the car fearing for their lives. >> if somebody appears to be reaching for a handgun, then the proper response is to respond to that lethally. >> they didn't just shoot once they execution styled him. >> and. >> reporter: and you can see a couple of candles burning there and the man never did fire the gun he was holding. after that, police found 50 as it i pills and the other man is recovering in the hospital. this is the 7th shooting and in this case, the men remain on open standard paid leave, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. they are holding a round of clock vigil where one of their own is suffering a heart attack on the job. ryan is in critical but stable condition. he is taking meals as they maintain the regional medical send terrible in san jose. >> they sleep here overnight waiting for word if there is any change and of course we are hopeful of course that it will be incredibly good news. >> ryan is a 15 year veteran and his family said they are showing stein's of -- showing signs of improvement. this is in southern dale
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report in. thousands of canyon will be forced to evacuate. they will be closed because of the fire. they are still making progress. the lightning sparked fire is now 58% contained and has burned 48,000 acres. 07 homes have been -- 70 homes have been destroyed and evacuation orders are in effect for that area. and in nebraska, it tripled inside, strong winds at least 21,000 acres in south dakota and it will take a long time to contain those flames. and two students were diagnosed with chicken pox. the first student was diagnosed
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wednesday and that student lives off campus and may have exposed several people who diagnosed thenning up, why security measures were changed and why it makes them safer. the president made a stop in colorado on his road to charlotte tour. >> thursday night, on thursday night i will offer you what i believe is a better path forward, a path that will grow this economy -- grow this economy and create more jobs and strengthen the middle-class and the good news is, you get to choose the path we take. >> president barack obama makes a campaign stop in ohio to
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survey the damage from hurricane nicholas sarkozy. first lady michelle observe is ahead of their speech there tonight. now coming up we will take you to charlotte and you can always go to our website and click on the dnc20 tab on our home page. law enforcement will be out in force looking for drunk drivers. so far chp has arrested several people statewide beginning 6:00 friday night through 6:00 yes morning -- yesterday morning they will be wrapping up their enforcement later tonight. >> 5:14 is the time let's --
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5:38 is the time let's check in with tara. 101 northbound at the 280 connector, we will keep an eye on it and see if it gets out of hand. 24 through lafayette, no traffic as you make your way through the caldecott tunnel on the right-hand side. same story on the right-hand side, same story as you make your way down towards oakland. and the sunole grade, no delays to report. 5:38 let's check in with rosemary. our afternoon highs will sore, once again, the pattern bringing up that from the fold end date. visibility if you have early morning travel plans it will be tough to see along highway 1 and along the coastline. we have nice weather in store
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for you unless you don't like the heat because that is what will be on. low-to-mid 90s are expected, and we'll see part part skies. and around the bay area, inland, 60 degrees in antioch, it looks to be one of the warmer spots and we have a chill in the air over the north bay, 40s to 50s outside your door. mid-60s in the afternoon and mid-to-upper 70s around the east bay and as we get up over the east bay hills we start to eat up. areas towards cop cord and today we fit to work back on tuesday with a bigger drop f thursday and friday for the
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inland areas. if you are headed there i'll take a look at that future forecast for you coming up. and coming up the refinery in richmond, in a few hours, what they are demanding and who is being targeted. a suspected gunman was hiding and we will have more on who he was firing at. we have more coming up in traffic, stay tuned more news weather and traffic. baseon this chart,
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. good morning, we are dealing with patchy fog along the coast,. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
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looking at. a bizarre crash in oakland and the driver may face dui charges. look at this, the cab crashed into a gas meter and this was 3:20 this morning. 10 people were evacuated from next door and they have since been allowed to return home. police are investigating a stabbing overnight. a man was stabbed several times in new bridge street. we are told he was rushed to the hospital and for people are being questioned. the dumb part bridge right on schedule. the bridge shut down and it's scheduled to reopen tomorrow at 5:00. a tense scene after a man who had been shot in seattle.
5:45 am
deputies got a call and they discovered somebody had been shooting from the woods. >> they were like, did you guys get shot at, because they heard something and we didn't and they said no we are fine and now there is a bullet hole in our boat. >> again, one suspect was shot and deputies will be out looking for any other possible suspects. >> he has been discussing can you have response to syria. in the meantime two were damaged near the joint chiefs of staff. the explosion didn't cause significant damage to the building but because they went off in an area that has security checkpoints, it is considered a serious blow to
5:46 am
the government. security changes at napa hospital take place next week. the valley will close four observation kiosks in a high security area beginning this friday. guards will be instead of patrolling other kiosks and that man was found at a nearby grocery store. well in richmond, protesters plan to gather for a march and rally in richmond. they are demanding that company executives be prosecuted for half the month's fire which put the community at risk. now they are being held at 9:00 this morning. the people man to meet at richmond gates at the refinery.
5:47 am
and new documents, they had concerns about michael jackson in the days before his death. it contained 250 e-mails for jackson's this is it tour. they described him as out of shape and consumed him pie self doubt. he was at risk of becoming an expensive no. the moon has a history of controversy. he arranged weddings between people who did not speak the same language. he served time on tax evasions charges. his church's popularity in the u.s. has come down but he has tons of followers in asia.
5:48 am
they are looking to take a spin on the hurricane rollercoaster on the santa cruz beach. after today it will be taken down and taken to new mexico. more details about that ride and it will be rethesed later today. >> hits look into some transit changes because it is labor day. if you do have to get into work, they should cut you a longer time to get there. at the golden gate bridge we do have some fog we want to mention and this has not let up over the past two hours. live definitely take it slowly along the coast -- definitely take a slowly along the coast
5:49 am
and a half moon bay. there are absolutely no delays and not a whole lot of folks out there. a big warmup in store as we mentioned, an advisory and it is not going to causes a much trouble up hand and we are getting choser and it is going to peel away if you are headed in the mid-70s and the on shore breeze will be with us for this afternoon and it is not completely diminished but clipped quite a bit from the high pressure building in squashing the marine layer come petting -- compressing it lower to the ground bringing us cool conditions with mostly clear skies, 49 for you and 9 in
5:50 am
petaluma, 5 is are reporting 60 at this time. a hill a pitch yesterday, 8 mid-80s in san rafael, 93 in danville so ifs hike the 70s and 80s, 86 for sap hose 86 for santa cruz. 84 for palo alto, low-to-mid 60s for pacifica down to half- moon bay. we will watch temperatures fall every so slowly on tuesday with a bigger drop wednesday thursday and friday and if you are going to see the giants, i will have your forecast coming up. and the union represents more than 16,000 steel workers.
5:51 am
the proposed workers are at all areas. and they are learning how to change with the times and they are actually the most valuable. they are at peak of their create 89 ofty and they will put more into their jobs. >> he will deliver you from the in snaring... >> possession is ahead at the box office after the long holiday weekend but this entire summer has been horrid, this could turned out to be the worst summer in years. >> are you going to see the possession? >> no, i top think so. they did have a parade, how
5:52 am
thousands made it hook like giants. plus hurricane isaac, they were the only ones to be left stranded by the storm.
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. all right, time now thousands of people still have no power days after hurricane isaac blasted the gulf coast. at least 17 dogs from louisiana were rescued and they were taken to a shelter in greensberg north carolina this weekend. the dogs were staying in new orleans but that shelter quickly became overwhelmed after hurricane isaac hit. >> i am pleased to see the shape they are in, i don't foresee any major medical problems and i am pleased that we were able to help. >> all of these dogs should be ready to be adopted in the next few weeks. and the group too many
5:56 am
babies are born by sincerian section and todays rally starts on ashby avenue. well the wine celebration continues today. 40 wineries will be open to guests between noon and 5:00 this afternoon. guests can pay for tickets which includes wine and food tastings, and you will find out about the different kind of wine grapes. the designated drivers by the way pay only $10. as many as 50 turned out to pay at the little league world series. >> that really reminds me when the giants hit the world series, a parade passed right through the streets of downtown spell loom, most of it can be seen at some of the downtown
5:57 am
businesses. >> i am proud of all the boys. >> petaluma made it all the way as the little league world series, one run deficit finally lost to the team from tennessee. now for photos, you can go to our website, click on the photos tab and a full event has been posted. >> time now 546 much he have not remembered the dumbarton, so if you plan on using it it will be open at 5:00 tomorrow morning. and outside at 237, making your way towards moffett field, traffic on the right-hand side of your screen, making your way towards the bay bridge toll plaza, again we are
5:58 am
experiencing no delays this morning. let's go back to the desk. we have overnight news we have been following since 4:30, a taxicab ploughed into a pulling creating a gas leak. police are investigating a stabbing, new details we just fun out in the last few minutes.
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